Welcome to my home on the webs.  Please feel free to look around and to check out the latest on my current and upcoming books and other news.  Also, if you have not done so already, be sure to follow me on Facebook or twitter to stay informed on my upcoming book releases and deals on my book.

What’s New

If you want to read my daily blogs and more about what I doing, you should visit What’s New. I will update this page with all my newest blog writing and will include some material about my books you won’t find anywhere else.   I will post small sections of books and sometimes coupons for discounted or free versions of my book.

My Books

If you want a list of my published books, then visit My Books.  This page will house all the books that I have published, working on, or in the plans of working on.  I will post each one with its current e-book cover and a snippet about the book itself.

About Me

Do you wish to know more About Me?  I blog about myself from time to time, but I also have a page just about me.


This is a list of questions that readers have asked.  You should check out the FAQ for more information.

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